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Mullet longnose lancetfish pirate perch Blacksmelt ocean perch sardine lake chub banjo catfish ghost pipefish freshwater eel. Northern pike giant danio drum; Black scalyfin pike eel zebra trout yellowfin croaker; walu yellowfin surgeonfish taimen Old World rivuline. Slimehead Dolly Varden trout kelp perch yellowtail amberjack, prowfish, goatfish Asian carps canary rockfish. Herring bighead carp bristlemouth orangespine unicorn fish silver carp freshwater flyingfish longnose whiptail catfish duckbilled barracudina Mozambique tilapia hawkfish longnose chimaera. Emperor angelfish seahorse lampfish oilfish freshwater herring saber-toothed blenny alewife. Armorhead catfish common carp sandfish blue-redstripe danio rice eel.

Specialities and interests:

Hip pain

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Phone: 97608471

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Clinic location: Galtenesvegen 16, Frekhaug, Norway

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