Carys Roberts

physiotherapist in Newcastle

I have extensive experience of treating a wide range of issues – from Chronic Pain Conditions, Paediatric Sports Injuries to Elderly Rehab to name but a few – I enjoy a challenging and varied caseload! If I am not happy my expertise is the right one to help someone, I have a wide range of other Therapists I refer clients to, ensuring everyone gets the exact treatment they need from the right person.

I have over a decade of teaching 100s of Physio / Sports Therapy and Business students at my clinic and also within Sports settings. I have recently adapted my teaching practice to include Virtual Consults. Staying up to date and training the next generation in the skills they need to be effective practitioners is something I am very passionate about.

Clinic location: Swan Physio Ltd, Three Mile Lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 5HH
Phone: 01782405500