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Profile image of Clare Merriment Pettigrew

Clare Pettigrew – Musculoskeletal

Clare takes an active approach to patient care using education and coaching to empower the patient.
View more about Clare

Contact Clares Clinic

Website: Physio Ecosse

Phone: 01506 855470

Location: West Lothian

Profile image Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor – Pelvic Health

Bill is one of the most respected Pelvic Health experts in the UK.

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Contact Bills Clinic

Location: Edinburgh

profile image Lorna Saunders

Lorna Saunders – Paediatrics

Specialised care for children with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.
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Contact Lornas Clinic

Website: Positive Steps Physiotherapy

Phone: 07801 238819

Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Profile image of Vicky Knight

Vicky Knight – Neurological

Specialises in treating individuals with neurological conditions.
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Contact Vicky's Clinic

Website: LV Rehab

Phone: 01243 943023

Location: West Sussex – East Hampshire

hannah leach

Hannah Leach – Cancer Rehab

Currently undertaking an MSc in Cancer Care. Ask an Expert Advisor for Macmillan Online Cancer Support.
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Contact Hannah's Clinic

Website: Stronger Than

Location: London

Profile image Anna Crawley

Anna Crowle – Women’s Health

Specialist treatments for pelvic floor scarring and prolapse.
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Contact Anna's Clinic

Website: Anna Crowle

Location: Leeds

Profile image Luke Murray

Luke Murray – Sports

Passionate about weight management, pain education and physical activity.

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Contact Luke

Phone: 07763 710024

Location: London

Profile image John Sanders

John Manders – Musculoskeletal

Senior Physiotherapist specialising in the field of Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

About John

Contact John's Clinic

Location: Berkshire

Profile image Lynda Pedley

Lynda Pedley – Paediatrics

Specialising in the treatment of children and young adults with neurological conditions.

About Lynda

Contact Lynda's Clinic

Website: Physio4kids & Young Adults

Phone: 07847 034 360

Location: SW Yorkshire, East Midlands

Profile image of Rush

Rushabh Savla


About Rush

Contact Rushs Clinic

Website: R&D Physio

Phone: 07539 008808

Location: North London

Profile picture of Richmond Stace

Richmond Stace

Specialist Pain Coach

About Richmond

Contact Richmond's Clinic

Website: Specialist Pain Physio

Phone: 07518 445493

Location: London

Profile picture of Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart


About Sarah S

Contact Sarah's Clinic

Website: CoActive Physio

Phone: 07919 411845

Location: Chester

Profile image Dr. Christopher Norris

Dr Christopher Norris


About Christopher

Contact Dr Norris's Clinic

Website: Norris Health

Phone: 01260 290564

Location: Cheshire

Profile image Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Pelvic Health

About Kate

Contact Kate's Clinic

Website: Purely Pelvic Physio

Phone: 07973 348244

Location: Liverpool

Profile picture of Karen Hodgson

Karen Hodgson


About Karen

Contact Karen's Clinic

Website: Hallamshire Physiotherapy

Phone: 0114 267 1223

Location: Sheffield

Profile picture of Josephine O’Callaghan

Josephine O’Callaghan


About Josephine

Contact Josephine's Clinic

Website: Executive Physiotherapy

Phone: 020 3488 2244

Location: London

Profile image of Giridhar Ravi

Giridhar Ravi

Cancer Rehabilitation

About Giridhar

Contact Ravi's Clinic

Phone: 07757 263210

Location: Inverness

Profile image of Helen Mathie

Helen Mathie

Rider & Veterinary

About Helen

Contact Helen's Clinic

Email: Helenmathiephysio@gmail.com

Phone: 07779 587472

Location: Newcastle

Chris Tiley

Chris Tiley


About Chris

Contact Chris' Clinic

Location: Birmingham

Profile picture of Lisa Clap

Lisa Clapp


About Lisa

Contact Lisa's Clinic

Website: Reach Rehab

Phone: 07989 549006

Location: Staffordshire

Profile image of Sarah Verrion

Sarah Verrion

Occupational Health

About Sarah V

Contact Sarah V's Clinic

Website: United Health Kent

Phone: 078 5574 2402

Location: Kent

Profile image Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson


About Lindsey

Contact Lindsey's Clinic

Location: Cheshire

Profile image Katrina Wade

Katrina Wade

Women’s & Men’s Health

About Katrina

Contact Katrina's Clinic

Website: Bodyworks Physio

Phone: 01206 844410

Location: Colchester

Profile picture Debbie Dillon

Debbie Dillon

Women’s & Men’s Health

About Debbie

Contact Debbie's Clinic

Website: Debbie Dillon Pelvic Health

Phone: 07837 833505

Location: Wells

Profile image Suzanne Vernazza

Suzanne Vernazza

Women’s Health

About Suzanne

Contact Suzanne's Clinic

Phone: 07960 798667

Location: Newcastle


Tom Astley


About Tom

Contact Tom's Clinic

Website: TA Physio

Phone: 0333 121 6 121

Location: London

Profile image Sam Bellhouse

Sam Bellhouse


About Sam

Contact Sam's Clinic

Website: Support & Sustain

Phone: 0203 151 9255

Location: London

Profile picture of Deborah Schofield

Deborah Schofield

Women’s Health

About Deborah

Contact Deborah's Clinic

Website: Bump to Beyond

Phone: 07802 517366

Location: Manchester

Profile image Lynn De Dombal

Lynn de Dombal

Cancer Rehabilitation

About Lynn

Contact Lynn's Clinic

Website: Rehab Beyond Cancer

Phone: 07904 109658

Location: Wetherby

Profile image of Benji

Benji Gilbert


About Benji

Contact Benji's Clinic

Website: Benji Physio

Phone: 07760 615 804

Location: Dunfermline

emma james

Emma James


About Emma J

Contact Emma J's Clinic

Website: EJ Physio

Phone: 01442 870686

Location: Hertfordshire

Profile image Shona Dewar

Shona Dewar


About Shona

Contact Shona's Clinic

Website: Bruntsfield Physiotherapy

Phone: 0131 221 1044

Location: Bruntsfield

Profile image Penny Porter

Penny Porter

Elite Sports

About Penny

Contact Penny's Clinic

Website: Physiotherapy Bristol

Phone: 0117 330 2448

Location: Bristol

Emma Law profile image

Emma Law


About Emma L

Contact Emma L's Clinic

Website: Reform Physio

Phone: 0203 645 1490

Location: London

Profile picture of Katie Knapton

Katie Knapton


About Katie

Contact Katie's Clinic

Location: West Sussex

Laila Holmes

Leila Holmes

Women’s Health

About Leila

Contact Leila's Clinic

Location: Birmingham


Jo Fawcett


Contact Jo's Clinic

Website: Marple Bridge Physiotherapy

Phone: 07540 974545

Location: Cheshire


Helen Moore


About Helen M

Contact Helen's Clinic

Website: Co Active Physiotherapy

Phone: 07887 652721

Location: Chester

Profile image Helen McElroy

Helen McElroy


About Helen

Contact Helen's Clinic

Website: Physio Focus NI

Phone: 07889 319468

Location: Augher, NI

Profile image Dr. Anna Maria Risso

Dr. Anna Maria Risso


About Anna Maria

Contact Anna Maria's Clinic

Website: Taylor Physiotherapy

Phone: 07909 586362

Location: Edinburgh


Felicity Thow


About Felicity

Contact Felicity's Clinic

Website: FT Physio

Phone: 0191 274 6179

Location: Denton Burn


Steve Hodgson


About Steve

Contact Steve's Clinic

Website: Hallamshire Physiotherapy

Phone: 07709 343848

Location: Sheffield

elaine walpole

Elaine Walpole

Women’s Health

About Elaine

Contact Elaine's Clinic

Website: Taylor Physiotherapy

Phone: 07816 749461

Location: Edinburgh

Tanya Heysenden

Tanja Hayselden


About Tanya

Contact Tanya's Clinic

Website: Hallamshire Physiotherapy

Phone: 07855 828383

Location: Sheffield

yvonne bran copy

Yvonne Brannigan

Women’s Health

About Yvonne

Contact Yvonne's Clinic

Website: Taylor Physiotherapy

Phone: 07538 011741

Location: Edinburgh

Paula Clayton

Paula Clayton


About Paula

Contact Paula's Clinic

Website: STT4 Performance

Phone: 07811 946955

Location: Worcestershire

Dayle avison

Dayle Avison


About Dayle

Contact Dayle's Clinic

Phone: 07949 584372

Location: Leeds



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