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Karen Hodgson
Specialises in Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Brain Injury, MS. Accredited International trainer for P...
Richmond Stace
Specialist Pain Coach
Richmond Stace is a Chartered Physiotherapist and registered with the Health Professi...
Lorna Saunders
Neurological, Paediatric
Lorna Saunders is the owner of Positive Steps Physiotherapy, she has over 20 years experience workin...
Luke Murray
MSc in Physiotherapy. Works in the NHS, Arsenal Football Academy and London Irish Rugby Academy. Pre...
Clare Pettigrew
Clare takes an active approach to patient care using education and coaching to empower the patient....
Bill Taylor
Pelvic Health
Chronic Pain, Dance
Bill Taylor qualified as Physio over 30 years ago, during most of that time he has been involved in...

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Jemma Oliver
Musculoskeletal, Sports
Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health
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Neurological, Paediatric
Occupational Health
Pelvic Health, Women’s Health
Pelvic Health, Women’s Health

Our referral network

If necessary, your physiotherapist can refer you to a clinician close to your location for a face to face consultation. See our referral network here.