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Physios Giving Well

Each of the physios in our group give £30 to each month. The figure of £30 was chosen based on the idea that if there were 10 of us in the group (we’re almost double now), our donations would add up to saving the life of a child per year.

Read more about us and the idea here in the blogpost: Why we’re giving well. You can also see some interviews with our group at Youtube or listen to our podcast at 

Adele Hill

Bill Taylor

Bob Vermeeren

Evie Martin

Ingrid Haukalid

Jack Chew

Jo Baxter

Jo Gibson

Jo Turner

Karen Hodgson

Lee Schneider

Lynne Midwinter

Martin Christensen

Matt Jenkinson

Michelle Cuthbert

Nicola Brown

Sarah-Jane Ryan

Sue Julians

What we're about

Jo Baxter with Evie Martin
Good, evil, empathy, rationality

Jo Baxter is a physiotherapist and member of the “Physios Giving Well community”. We’re a group of physios who each give £30 monthly to GiveWell’s top-rated, most effective evidence based charities.  We…

Sue Julians and Evie Martin
Breaking and mending

Sue Julians is physiotherapist who has written a book about her experiences of Covid lockdown and the effects it had on her business and family. Sue is Director and Practice…

Why we're giving well
Why we’re giving well

Ask yourself what would you really love to do with your time on earth. Some people, like us, are just lucky.  I live in a nice house. I don’t need…

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Episode #44 of the Making Sense podcast with William Mac Askill:
Hearing this episode is what first got me interested in Effective Altruism back in 2016. The full episode is subscriber-only, this is an hour-long excerpt.

Evie’s interview with Marcus Daniell, a pro tennis play who founded “High Impact Athletes”

Video of Evie with Luke Freeman, Executive Director of Giving What We Can: