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Menopause & Beyond

Evie talks with Christien Bird about physiotherapy care for women during the menopause and beyond. Christien is a women’s health physiotherapist with a special interest in peri-menopausal and post-menopausal issues…

ACT for physios

ACT for physios

Evie  talks with Laura Rathbone about ACT in the clinic. ACT in the clinic is a programme designed specifically for non-psychologists to develop their skill in the psychology framework of…

The Meaning of Physiotherapy

The Meaning of Physiotherapy

Evie and Luke Murray discuss their impressions of a recent episode of the Words Matter podcast by Dr. Oliver Thomson, featuring Dave Nicholls, author of “The End of Physiotherapy“.

Pathways App

Pathways to Pain Relief

Sandip Sekhon is the founder of and CEO of the Pathways Pain App. His own experience with repetitive strain injury inspired him to produce the Pathways app with the goal of…

Massage Collective

Massage and Trigger Points

Evie from PhysiosOnline and Becky DeMott Horton from The Massage Collective discuss the treatment of “trigger points” – or whatever we might like to call them! It’s one of those…

Respiratory physio Covid

Long Covid

Ruth Ainley is a specialist respiratory physiotherapist with PhysiosOnline and Clear Path Physiotherapy. When Covid struck, Ruth immediately went to work to support the NHS in an acute hospital setting,…

Producing online content

Evie talks to Jack March from and the PhysioMatters Podcast about producing online learning materials, and how this type of content can be funded. Jack talks about his work…