Coaching and mentoring

Learning from someone who wants you to grow

Clinical mentoring provides a safe space to learn and develop as a professional.

Healthcare professionals are welcome to apply for online coaching and mentoring with one of the specialists listed here.

Each mentor has extensive clinical, coaching and teaching experience.

If you have any enquiries:

How it works

To apply for mentoring, click on the mentor’s profile photo

You will be asked to fill out a query form and to book an interview with the mentor.

If it is mutually agreed that you and your mentor are a “good fit”, you can decide to proceed based on your needs and your mentor’s availability. Thereafter you and your mentor will set individual fees depending on the circumstances, planned number of sessions and learning approach.

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Rules and etiquette

  • We value the mentors’ time and expertise, and therefore will not offer “free” consultations or mentoring sessions.
  • You are not allowed to publish or share mentors’ teaching material without their express agreement.
  • The mentoring relationship is a “safe space” where you can feel free to ask questions and explore ideas
  • Interactions between the mentor and mentee are treated as confidential.
  • Please be respectful and considerate of your mentor’s privacy. Do not publicise anything related to your mentor/mentee relationship on social media unless this is agreed by both parties.