FAQ's about joining PhysiosOnline:

What are the fees to be listed on PhysiosOnline.co.uk?


We are a collective working to “raise each other up”. Nobody pays any fees whatsoever to be on this site.

How does it work for the physio?

You apply using the form below.

When you are listed on the website, patients will contact you directly using the contact information you have given. 

You set your own fees. 

Patients pay you directly, this is nothing to do with PhysiosOnline.

What’s expected of me?

As part of the collective, you’re required to promote the PhysiosOnline project via social media. It is also important that you treat other members of the group well generally, and enter the group with a spirit of generosity, kindness and cooperation.

Physiotherapists collaborating

Great, so how do I join?

If you have any more questions you can drop us an email at hello@physiosonline.co.uk or contact us on Twitter or Facebook