Good, evil, empathy, rationality

Jo Baxter with Evie Martin

Jo Baxter is a physiotherapist and member of the “Physios Giving Well community”. We’re a group of physios who each give £30 monthly to GiveWell’s top-rated, most effective evidence based charities. 

We are interested in the principles of Effective Altruism and we aim to spread this concept and idea within the healthcare community.

In this discussion, we talk about

From the discussion: “The results from four studies show that affective feelings about charitable causes were strongest for a single endangered person and began to decline as the number in danger grew
larger. In support of compassion fade, both self-report and physiological measures of affect showed that positive affect declined substantially when the group size was two or more. This decrease in positive affect was related to lower donations”.

  • Luck and the nonsensical concept of “getting what you deserve”
  • What and who determines who we become
  • We wonder why the concept of Effective Altruism resonates strongly with some people, but not with others.
  • Empathy doesn’t necessarily make you do the good or right thing.
  • The “Big Things” for living an ethical life:
    1. What you do with your (extra) money or donations
    2. What you do with your career
    3. Which ideas you choose to spread

The Physios Giving Well group as a strange, fun and overall adorable community to be part of.

Join Us! Let us know on twitter @onlinephysios or email if you’d like to join our community.

You can also listen to the conversation as a podcast at–Good–Empathy–Rationality—with-Jo-Baxter-e1kvtfa
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