A conversation with Tom Jesson

Tom Jesson with Evie Martin

Tom Jesson is the author of a popular book “Sciatica”, and is
currently finishing work on his second book “Cauda Equina Syndrome”
with co-author Rob Tyer.

In this interview, we don’t talk about sciatica or cauda equina syndrome.

Topics include:

00.20 Book writing is indeed hard.

01.20 Writing before versus after having a baby

2.50 How having children improves efficiency

3.50 Nobody wants to be “The Sciatica Guy”

4.30 Collaborating in a partnership where each partner has different
strengths (co-authoring his new Cauda Equina Syndrome book with Rob

7.00 The long-term goal to collaborate with others on writing projects

9.20 The importance of honest constructive criticism

10.20 The burden of expectations

12.30 Keep trying to improve your work versus get on with publishing it

14.30 POEM: “The Bell and the Blackbird” by David Whyte

16.25 POEM: “Traveller there is no path, the path is made by walking”
– by Antonio Machado

17.45 Intensely exciting EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT from Tom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18.50 The smoothest bit of editing ever, where we cut to Tom talking about life with his baby daughter

19.00 The pitfalls of trying to be productive with a baby or children
around. A discussion about trying not to be bad parents.

20.00 Oliver Burkeman’s book “4000 Weeks”

13.00 Parenting: Quantity Time, not Quality Time.

23.00 Taking time to reflect on your physio career, for example by
taking a break or getting sick

26.00 An upside of being a physio is meeting with many different types
of people all the time

27.15 Tom really wishes more physios would write.

28.00 Twitter is hostile. Write a blog instead!

29.00 The challenge of making money by writing online content.

29.40 Books will be around long after this podcast episode is dead.

30.00 Evie really wishes more physios would financially support
content they appreciate and value. i.e. BUY Tom’s book.

32.00 BUY THE BOOK at tomjesson.com

32.40 This podcast recording was weird but nice. We always learn
something from each other.

You can buy Tom’s book, sign up to his newsletter and find out more
about his work at tomjesson.com

You can also listen to the conversation as a podcast at https://anchor.fm/physiosonline/episodes/Tom-Jesson-e1k1opn

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