High Impact Medicine

Evie and Dr Akhil Bansal from High Impact Medicine

Dr. Akhil Bansal is a doctor who set up the effective altruism-inspired organisation “High Impact Medicine” (Hi-Med). Their aim is “bringing together medics who want to have a wide reaching positive impact”. He is currently working as a research analyst for Charity Entrepreneurship.

In this interview we discuss

  • The concept of Effective Altruism and how this may resonate with healthcare providers such as doctors and physiotherapists
  • Charitable giving in general, and the drive to help others
  • Akhil’s background and upbringing and how this may have impacted his tendency to be drawn to EA
  • The reality of what it means for children to die from infectious disease
  • Akhil’s hopes for Hi-Med and his ambition to build a community where doctors can support and inspire each other to do as much good as possible
  • Some book recommendations that have nothing to do with EA

Links and resources:

HI-Med https://www.highimpactmedicine.org/: “High Impact Medicine, Hi-Med, is a new movement bringing together medical students and doctors to learn more about all the ways medics can help as many people as possible in their careers and engage with opportunities to have a wide-reaching positive impact within medicine”.

Charity Entrepreneurship: https://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/akhil-bansal

The Physios Giving Well fledgling community: https://physiosonline.co.uk/2022/05/why-were-giving-well/

GiveWell – How much does it cost to save a life? https://www.givewell.org/cost-to-save-a-life

Akhil’s article on the Effective Altruism Forum: “High Impact Medicine, 6 months later – Update & Key Lessons”https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/TapN3wYhBJPFNBiGN/high-impact-medicine-6-months-later-update-and-key-lessons

Book Recommendations (not EA-related):

To learn more about High Impact Medicine or join their community, go to highimpactmedicine.org

To learn more about Physios Giving Well and join our community, go to https://physiosonline.co.uk/2022/05/why-were-giving-well/ or find us on twitter @onlinephysios and say something like “I’m in” 🙂

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