High Impact Athletes with pro tennis player, Marcus Daniell

High Impact Athletes
Marcus Daniell is a professional tennis player and Olympic medallist, whose organisation “High Impact Athletes” connects athletes with the most effective, evidence-based charities in the world In this chat Evie & Marcus discuss the topic of Effective Altruism and the inspiration behind Marcus’s decision to set up High Impact Athletes.

1:20 How Marcus got involved with the effective altruism movement

“It just blew my mind how much sense it made”

3:23 “High Impact Athletes is the vehicle that I’ve created to try to be the best advocate for EA ideas as possible”

4:00 The significance of GiveWell

“What GiveWell offers us is the most certainty we can possibly have in this space that our dollar is doing exactly what it should”.

6:33 Confidence in GiveWell’s process including their transparency about making mistakes, and the openness to criticism & new evidence in the EA community generally.

7:30 “If I can donate these amounts of money and it doesn’t affect my quality of life or my happiness, then I’m not losing anything really, but that amount of money can be life-saving or life-changing for so many people or animals in the world”

9:58 Peter Singer’s “Shallow Pond” thought experiment had Evie feeling pretty bad for a while there. Delighted with the recent focus on giving as an amazing  opportunity, rather than a moral obligation (even if it is really a moral obligation)

11:30 The problem of relying on empathy to tell us how to do good. An example might be that vastly more money is donated to pet shelters than to organisations working to improve the lives of factory farm animals.

15:20 Marcus’ decision to be vegetarian while at a sushi bar in Japan

17:00 Evie was a bit hazy on the details but got the gist of the scanning eggs example right. More about chick culling here: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/can-new-technologies-eliminate-grim-practice-of-chick-culling-180977263/

20:30 Evie & Marcus’ views on Longtermism.

The podcast episode mentioned by Marcus: https://80000hours.org/podcast/episodes/alexander-berger-improving-global-health-wellbeing-clear-direct-ways/

More about Longtermism here https://www.effectivealtruism.org/articles/longtermism

23:50 An appeal to Messi, Neymar, The Williams Sisters, Lewis Hamilton, and whichever other athletes Evie can name (i.e. the very famous ones) to check out High Impact Athletes! https://highimpactathletes.org/

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