A Furry Poem By Mrs. Raubb’s Cat​

A Furry Poem

Soon after our first get-together as the fledgling “Physio Giving Well” community, I asked members of the group if they’d like to write a blogpost or other piece of content about why they why they decided to join the group.


Bob VermeerenBob Vermeeren is a physiotherapist in the Netherlands. He also happens to be probably the most creative and artistic physio I’ve ever met. He writes songs, stories, and poetry. He plays music. He sings and acts and directs.

He wrote this poem exploring his feelings about effective giving. I greatly admire anyone who is brave enough to write poetry. Writing in a second language is next-level cool. Thank you Bob.

A Furry Poem By Mrs. Raubb's Cat

Is this fate, luck or talent?
Privilege or the gods?
Being able to count the blessings
Of those we will once leave behind?

How should we call it
When there is plenty to share?
Moments, big and small
Memories, wisdom, food and drinks
The uncertainty of what is to come.

How should we call it
When there is so much to give?
Kindness, a place called “home”
Education and freedom to grow
Even love, the greatest gift of all

To those who are near
Hug them, kiss them, cherish them
For they are all you’ve got
And you are all they want

Then bear in mind
The less fortunate
Those out of luck
Without privilege, without rights
The ones forgotten by the gods

Let them not fall out of sight
For sharing starts with giving
And giving starts with caring
For someone or something
Regardless of space and time

And if there’s something left to give
Create the impact, make it count
Demand results, and spread the word.
For that’s how ripples turn into waves
That’s how differences can be made.

So what it is I still don’t know,
Luck or fate, or privilege perhaps?
Whatever it is, this I learned
Without a family, it isn’t there.

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