“Pain is not a thing” with Asaf Weisman

Asaf Weisman and Evie Martin
Evie from PhysiosOnline speaks with Asaf Weisman, pain researcher at Tel-Aviv University. We discuss some of Asaf’s reflections around the subject of pain and pain science, including:
  • Pain is not a thing
  • Pain is a sensation, not a perception
  • The brain as an “overstressed blue-collar worker”
  • Is pain neuroscience education (PNE) based on a fairytale
  • His study finding that a majority of people do not like being told “Explain Pain” material
  • PNE is metaphysical conjectures, not truth
  • The concept of “Coming Back To The Answer”. In Judaism, people who are secular and want to go back to religion; they call this process “Coming Back To The Answer” because if you believe in God, you always have an answer for everything.
  • The importance of neuroinflammation on human disease and health
  • Reductionism
  • Asaf’s “Doomsday Prophecy” – “Within 5 decades, physiotherapists are not going to treat persistent pain states any more. We’ve got nothing to offer for these patients.“Why am I in pain?” I cannot answer this question, and no-one will ever be able to answer this question. – Asaf Weisman

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