Politics and Healthcare

Dr. Rosemary Sexton is an osteopath and Green Party councillor. She has been a professional MMA fighter,  and was the first woman in the UK to fight in the UFC. She is also mathematician having studied maths at Cambridge and received her PhD from Manchester University.

Rosi and Evie connected on twitter over a thread discussing how politics might influence healthcare professionals’ decision-making and treatment approaches.

In this interview, we discuss
  • Why, as an osteopath, Rosi became interested in politics and became a local councillor
  • Why she chose the Green Party specifically
  • Problem-solving as the underlying challenge in both her clinical practice and political work
  • Rosi encourages other healthcare professionals to engage in politics, particularly at a local level.
It was a real pleasure to speak with Rosi. Her dedication to the welfare of her community, her incredible work ethic and her combination of empathy and rationality really come through in this discussion.

Thank you to Rob Tyer for connecting us on twitter.

Looking forward to future discussions with Rosi and to seeing where future interests and challenges will lead her.

To find out more about Dr. Rosi Sexton:
You can listen to the interview as a podcast on any podcast player at https://anchor.fm/physiosonline

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