Physiotherapy in India – Brain Drain and other Challenges

Ashish Dev Gera is a physiotherapist in the Doon Valley in India. In this discussion, he shares his perspective on the challenges facing his profession in India.

We talk about

  • The problem of “Brain Drain” as Ashish sees it, where Indian physiotherapists are choosing to go abroad for better professional opportunities
  • The hierarchical system encountered by physiotherapists in India
  • Underrepresentation of Indian physiotherapists at international conferences, and the possible reasons for this
  • Self-perception of physiotherapists in India and lack of confidence in their own skills and abilities
  • The importance of hearing and promoting voices from diverse backgrounds and places
  • Ashish’s ambition to help raise standards in his profession at home

Off-camera, following the interview Ashish told me “I just want to leave the profession better than I found it”. I think this sums up his mission and hopes perfectly.

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