PhysiosOnline is an Unusual Project

We’re a collective of diversely-skilled independent physios, working to shine a light on our profession’s skills and value in society.

PhysiosOnline was born of the Covid crisis, with the aim of helping physios develop their video consultation skills and reach people who needed them during lockdown.

As the months have passed, our project has grown to support physios and patients all over the UK.

What we do:

In a nutshell, we promote the physiotherapy profession and support each other as a collective.

  • Patient-Facing Live Events on various topics, presented by members who team up to provide quality information to the public via live webinars. 
  • Our “Physiotherapy is More Than You Probably Know” Campaign: We run themed weeks highlighting various aspects of physiotherapy care that the public may not be aware of.
  • As a collective, members promote each others’ clinics & services to benefit each other’s businesses. We’re a community with a range of skills, experience and opinions, in which everyone appreciates and respects each other. We raise each other up.

We’re funded by

  • membership contributions
  • live event ticket sales
  • donations by people who support our project

Half of all funding goes to covering PhysiosOnline’s website costs and advertising for our campaigns and events. The other half goes to‘s Maximum Impact Fund to support the highest performing charities, supporting the principles of Effective Altruism.


We run PhysiosOnline for free. We do this because we believe PhysiosOnline is a Very Good Thing for ourselves, our profession and our patients.


Do you have an idea that you’d like to collaborate with us on? We can probably make it work. Email us at,

Do you want to join our network? Well if you’re a HCPC registered physio who can collaborate with others, and is a fan of evidence-informed physiotherapy practice, you may be a good fit for our group. Email us at

Do you want to promote your own project, app, course, podcast, business or other project? If it lines up with our values and we think it’s worthwhile promoting, we can probably do that. Email us at

If you’re benefitting from our project or think it’s worthwhile supporting us, please consider contributing to help us keep going at


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