Principles of effective website design and digital marketing for physiotherapists

A conversation with Michael Schumacher, founder of website design and social media marketing company HMDG.

In this discussion, Michael speaks with Evie and Christine from PhysiosOnline about the principles of effective website design and online marketing for physiotherapists.

Michael was very generous with his time and gave us many useful tips. The original recording was over an hour long and included discussion and suggestions specific to the PhysiosOnline website only, so the video below is edited to include tips which can be applied to all physio businesses.

If you are looking for help to improve your clinic’s online presence, I’d suggest contacting HMDG.

In PhysiosOnline’s case, Christine has designed our website and we’ve done all the social media content ourselves so far. If the project continues to grow and if we need to seek outside help, we will probably be calling Michael.

You can contact Michael at

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