Live ProActive

Emma Stevenson is the co-founder and owner of Live ProACTIVE and physiotherapist in central London.Emma has recently relocated from the United States where she graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2018. Her work prior to arriving in the UK focused primarily on sports medicine with a special interest in the performing arts. 

Prior to beginning her degree in physiotherapy, she was a competitive gymnast for 16 years. She competed at the University level for her final 4 years in the sport, traveling nationally for competitions. Part of their training was preventative therapy or prehab. They integrated this into their daily training routine to help minimise their risk of injury. It was from this experience that Emma began to think about creating her own practice that emphasised prevention alongside rehabilitation. 

The goal with Emma’s approach at Live ProACTIVE is to prevent injuries and pain problems, and to provide easy to access physiotherapy services tailored to individual needs whether in person or via video consultation.

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