The PD Warrior Programme for Parkinson’s Disease

PD Warrior Parkinsons

Neurological physiotherapist Karen Hodgson interviews the founder of PD Warrior, Melissa McConaghey.

PD Warrior is an exercise programme designed to slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease and to enable people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s to optimise their health and quality of life.

In this interview, Melissa and Karen discuss

  • the background to PD Warrior
  • how important exercise is for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s
  • the switch to working virtually in 2020
  • The opportunity to reach people over a wide geographical area with the development of remote exercise classes

Karen has been involved with PD Warrior since 2015 and is responsible for bringing the programme to the UK. She runs classes from her clinic Hallamshire Physiotherapy in addition to now running online group classes.

Another physiotherapist in the PhysiosOnline network, Vicky Knight, also runs PD Warrior Classes. You can find out more about Vicky here.


Many thanks to Melissa McConaghey for being so generous with her time. She got up at 7am on a Saturday morning to record this video for PhysiosOnline.

You can find out more about PD Warrior and support them at

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