Far More Than You Can Physically See

Guest blogpost by Karen Hodgson, neurological physiotherapist at Hallamshire Physiotherapy


“Far More Than You Can Physically See”
This was part of a poem from one of our Sheffield PD Warriors. For PhysiosOnline Parkinsons week I decided to ask my Parkinsons patients from our PD Warrior classes what Physiotherapy means to them. As therapists we all have our own ideas as to what physio is and how our patients perceive what we do. However the words and phrases, statements and even poems I have received in response to this request has amazed me more than I could have imagined.

Some of the words I would have expected have come up:

  • I feel fitter
  • it has slowed progression of the disease
  • Improved mobility
  • fit body and mind
  • wellbeing
  • manages my condition
  • stronger
  • maintained my balance
  • kept me fitter

However the following list of words were in some ways less expected:

  • mental wellbeing
  • Accomplishment
  • mutual support
  • community
  • Raising spirits
  • peer support
  • motivation
  • positive attitude
  • enthusiasm
  • confidence
  • hope

One patient stated:
H  elpful motivational classes
O  ptimism to slow progression of disease
P  arkinsons symptoms reduced
E  everyday tasks easier

And another:
Parkinsons and Covid19 have both affected my ability to move. I have received the injection for covid 19 and Physiotherapy I see as my vaccine for life.

And as you have seen in previous blogposts I received 2 amazing poems discussing physiotherapy.

As therapists we should be amazed and humbled at what our patients think about our profession and our skills. This should be what we are teaching to our students and demonstrating the depth and breadth of physiotherapy. We obviously have a vast amount of skill to bring to our clients and we should be proud of our amazing roles.

There have been many times over the last 12 months when we have all doubted what we are doing and asked will things ever be the same? The answer must be things may well be different in this new world but if our patients believe in the vast range of skills we possess and can tell us the wonderful things I have shared here then our profession can only continue to go from strength to strength.

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