Why, Who and What is PhysiosOnline?

PhysiosOnline what it is

Our purpose, who we are, how we’re funded, where we’re going.

We are a collaborative network of independent physiotherapists, aiming to reach patients all over the UK who are seeking remote physiotherapy in the months and years to come.

PhysiosOnline was founded by Evie Martin, a physiotherapist who transitioned to video consultations during the Covid crisis and wanted to support other physiotherapists and patients to do the same. The website was built for free by Evie’s wife Christine, allowing PhysiosOnline to establish an internet presence to promote the collective, without incurring high costs. 

Initially PhysiosOnline focused on promoting internet-based healthcare, but as the months have passed we have expanded our goals and purpose. We now focus mainly on improving the public’s awareness of physiotherapists’ value and role in society, in addition to raising funds to help alleviate suffering further afield.  


Currently the minimum monthly contribution in order to be listed on the PhysiosOnline website is £8 per month, which allows members to be listed in our referral network. Each member gets their own individual page on PhysiosOnline which they can use to promote their clinic.

Some members contribute more than this to the collective by paying more via patreon. Others are particularly engaged and helpful at promoting our project to the wider public. In general the more an individual member puts into the project – engagement, time or effort – the more they are likely to get out of it.

Running the project requires significant time and effort. Instead of accepting payment from members, Evie & Christine have elected to donate 50%  of all membership contributions and any other funding to GiveWell.org’s Maximum Impact Fund. This arrangement serves as motivation for them to continue devoting time and energy to PhysiosOnline. The remaining 50% is used to cover website costs and to advertise the site on google and social media.

 If our project fulfils its aims, PhysiosOnline will achieve the following in the coming months and years:

  • Generate business for our members and provide mutual support during challenging times by raising up each other’s clinics on social media.
  • Promote the value of internet-based healthcare for patients and healthcare professionals, and support efforts to improve patient access and quality of care
  • Educate and inform the public about physiotherapists’ skills and role in society through our campaign “Physiotherapy is more than you probably know”
  • Support the principles of effective altruism by donating to the charities which have been thoroughly researched and shown to do the most good in the world.

PhysiosOnline would never have developed without the early support and enthusiasm of some of our earliest members like Bill Taylor at Taylor Physiotherapy Clinic, Lorna Saunders at Positive Steps Physiotherapy Clinic, Clare Pettigrew at PhysioEcosse, Luke Murray at Irish Physio and Karen Hodgson from Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic and Richmond Stace at Specialist Pain Physio Clinics.

We have established a network of smart, kind, professionally engaged independent physiotherapists who are generous with their time, and who care deeply about their patients and their profession. Our guiding principle behind all this has been “Get a bunch of great people together and good things tend to happen”


Do you have an idea that you’d like to collaborate with us on? We can probably make it work. Email hello@physiosonline.co.uk,

Do you want to join our network? Well if you’re a HCPC registered physio who can collaborate with others, and is a fan of evidence-informed physiotherapy practice, you may be a good fit for our group. Email hello@physiosonline.co.uk

Do you want to promote your own project, app, course, podcast, business or other project? If it lines up with our values and we think it’s worthwhile promoting, we can probably do that. Email hello@physiosonline.co.uk

Do you want to support our project, while at the same time supporting some of the world’s most effective charities? You can help us out by sending a few pounds via patreon.com/physiosonline

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