What physio means to me – A poem

What Physio Means To Me

Neurological specialist physiotherapist Karen Hodgson invited her patients to describe what physiotherapy means to them. In response, she received this poem by one of her patients with Parkinson’s Disease, who attends Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic for treatment.


What physio means to me

What physio means to me
Far more than you can physically see
It’s hard to pop it in a drawer or a box
Like you do with a pair of socks
It defines reason or explanation
It requires much contemplation


It opened up my world you see
Gave life and envisioned me
Put hope and a future in my path
Made me joyful, made me laugh
Strength to my mind, heart and soul
Treated all of me, as a whole


The therapist part of the physio
Is of vital importance you know
Their manner, attitude and stance
Are pivotal in the dance
Of the importance of the relationship
How it can ebb and flow, dip and tip
The way they honour all we do
In an effort to come through
The constraints a disease can hold
They inform, guide, and teach us to be bold


To push on though in Warrior tradition
Make maximum effort our rendition
Knowledgeable and on the ball
They love us into standing tall
Within the physical body as well as the heart
Their physio skills they do impart


What does physio mean to me?
It means a life that can explore
Beyond the realms that I abhor
Of something that does displease
A diagnosis of disease


And what is this ‘disease’ about
Precisely that ‘dis-ease’ we shout
But, however and alas, I say
Physio explores a better way
To ‘ease’ the path ahead without the ‘dis’
Hooray for physio bringing bliss
It’s happiness, strength, friendship release
A bringer of comfort, joy and peace
That’s what physio means to me.

Many thanks to Karen and to her patient for sharing this poem.

You can read more about Karen and book a video consultation with her.

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