Physiotherapy is more than you probably know

Physiotherapy is more than you know

PhysiosOnline was born of the Covid crisis. 

We set up PhysiosOnline in May 2020, with the aims of

  • Promoting the value of virtual care to patients and professionals
  • Showing the physiotherapy profession that virtual care could be an incredibly positive development for us and our patients
  • Helping physios to reach patients via video consultations, by promoting the businesses who joined our collective

It’s the start of 2021, time for reflection.

I think we’ve achieved our aims as best we could, given that the “PhysiosOnline project team” consisted of my wife and I, working on computers in the evening after our kids went to bed. 

Among the physios who joined our project were some absolute “gems” who gave more than they took, who really helped to raise the profile of PhysiosOnline and enthusiastically supported their colleagues in the collective.

Those physios who were most supportive of us on social media also benefited most from being in the collective, because we promoted and highlighted their businesses to a greater extent than others.

My wife and I run PhysiosOnline completely for free.

Currently, a few of our members contribute to advertising costs via patreon, but as per January 2021 we’ve spent more on the project than the total of these contributions. The costs we’ve incurred include website hosting, various web tools and a bit of advertising on google and facebook. Our main investment in the project has been time. 

All of this is fine with us. We believe in donating time and money to causes that have the potential to improve people’s lives. This is a basic value that we’ve thought through a long time ago.

PhysiosOnline started as a response to lockdown, but it has become clear that this project has grown into something more than an attempt to promote video consultations.

In my time working with this project, I’ve spoken with so many interesting physios who have so much to offer their patients and the wider society. And yet I, like many of us, still have the impression that the general public does not understand what we do, who we are, or what our profession has to offer. We are more important now than ever.

I expect that the Covid crisis will result in major public health challenges – namely a pandemic of sarcopenia and what many are calling a “paindemic”. Orthopaedic operations are delayed. People’s muscular and cardiovascular health is likely to have deteriorated, along with their mental health in many cases. Babies born during lockdown are perhaps more likely to be at risk of developmental delay. People who suffered strokes probably haven’t received adequate rehabilitation. And we seem to have a massive group of people now affected by Long Covid symptoms. 

People’s overall health has just been dealt a major blow, and given our skill set, we are THE profession to step up and take this on.

So… what next for the PhysiosOnline project?

Our 2021 Campaign: “Physiotherapy is more than you probably know”

It’s become clear to me that most people have no idea of our skills and our value in society. The public generally doesn’t seem to know what physios actually do.

My wife came up with our campaign slogan:

“Physiotherapy is more than you probably know”.

From now on, our main aim at PhysiosOnline will be to highlight the skills and value of physiotherapists. We’ll focus on various clinical specialties and promote physios working with different groups in society. Those who join our campaign will have their businesses promoted through the campaign, while at the same time raising the profile of their colleagues in other clinical areas. And of course we’ll continue to encourage patients and professionals to incorporate video consultations into healthcare.

If you wish to get involved with our campaign, send me an email at describing how you can help.

Stay safe and take care of each other.



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