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Evie talks to Tim Allardyce, owner of Surrey Physiotherapy and founder of Rehab My Patient Clinic Software.

In this discussion we reflected on some of the issues covered by Jack March and Evie in their earlier conversation about producing online content.

We also talked about

  • How hard it is to earn money by making online content
  • Tim’s (mis)adventures with writing ebooks in 2007 and his disappointment when he realised that his content had been posted as a PDF for free online!
  • Tim’s view of tech-related failures: “You never actually failed, you just pivoted!”
  • Models of CPD – subscription models and once-off “live” online events such as those offered by Le Pub Scientifique and Pelvic Pain Matters
  • Current projects that Tim and RehabMyPatient are involved with
  • Apps and gadgets to support patients – we mention Curable, My Pain, Pathways, Gripable and Elvie
  • Virtual reality and the new developments in digital medicine as described on this podcast episode with Adam Gassaley, Professor in Neurology and UCSF 
  • Whether and how wearable technologies are helpful for patients.
  • The GetBetterOnline.co.uk clinical mentoring project. Tim’s take: “I love it! It’s like tapping into an expert and asking all the questions you want to ask one-on-one”.

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