My hopes for the PhysiosOnline project

PhysiosOnline Project

This week i joined Jack Chew on Physio Matters Chewing it Over to discuss virtual healthcare and the PhysiosOnline project. We discussed the challenges and potential of online physiotherapy.


38.00: Talking about the importance of online care for non-MSK conditions such as paediatric and neurological conditions. I mention physiotherapist Lorna Saunders from positive steps physiotherapy, who told me about her experience of treating a baby with neonatal stroke – link:


39.00: Adjusting to new ways of reaching patients. I mention Bill Taylor as an example of a physiotherapist who has reinvented himself several times over the years. I also mention textbook author and manual therapy educator Dr. Christopher Norris who keenly embraced video consultations as a way to continue helping his patients through lockdown. Interview with Dr. Norris here


45.00: Talking about the current members of PhysiosOnline, and the kind of therapists this project has attracted.

The PhysiosOnline network “tends to attract people who don’t need to be particularly competitive with other physiotherapists. In order to not be competitive, you need to have a reached a certain point in your art form or
profession. You need to be so good, that you’re not really competing with anyone else”


46.00  My hopes that PhysiosOnline will enable people seeking online physiotherapy to find a specialist who can provide them with the highest quality of video consultation experience. I also hope that video consultations can change the public’s perception of our profession and what we can do.


50.00 Speaking with patients about their experience of virtual healthcare.


55.00: The potential for video consultations allowing physiotherapists to embrace a truly biopsychosocial, or socio-psycho-biological approach, to care, given that patients invite us into their own environment.


My projects related to online healthcare:

PhysiosOnline: a collective of independent physiotherapists working to support our patients and each other. Any HCPC-registered physiotherapist can join our network for free. See

GetBetterOnline: a multidisciplinary virtual clinic with the involvement of a pain consultant, SEM consultant. dietitian, psychologist, rehabilitation and conditioning specialist and physiotherapist.

GetBetter Clinical Mentoring: A group of experienced, successful clinicians and clinical academics, offering one-to-one online mentoring at


To join PhysiosOnline, go to

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