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Evie from PhysiosOnline speaks with Becky from The Massage Collective and the Massage Matters Podcast.

In recent years, those of us who are on social media have seen increasingly strong views being expressed about whether “hands-on” therapy is valuable or useful, and whether it should be used in physiotherapy in particular.

Evie and Becky met during the recent excellent RunChatLive virtual conference run by Matt Philips.

They discovered that they share an interest in communicating accurate, science-based and evidence-informed information to people receiving manual therapy, including massage therapy.

Evie has been conflicted about the role of manual therapy in physiotherapy practice, and over the past several years has frequently changed her mind on whether it should be offered to patients as a therapeutic intervention by physiotherapists.
We also discuss the difficulties of asking questions and thinking on social media.

People mentioned in this discussion include:
Matt Philips at RunChatLive
Paul Ingraham at
Diane Jacobs, Dermo Neuro Modulating
Becky’s colleagues Anna Maria and Matt at The Massage Collective

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