Producing online content

Evie talks to Jack March from and the PhysioMatters Podcast about producing online learning materials, and how this type of content can be funded.

Jack talks about his work producing learning materials on his own site, where he has tried various payment models. He talks about the challenges of earning an income for his work, while at the same time not wanting to limit access to learning materials to those who may not be able to afford it.

05.00:  The different types of people making content. There are obvious differences between for example a person who is making educational material as part of their employment role, compared with those who rely on selling material to generate income.

11.00:  Different models for CPD and content sharing – subscription models versus one-off expenses for standalone products

18.00: The “name your price” model

27.00: “It isn’t fair because you should be able to stand on your quality, but you can’t.”

29.00: Talking about the decision at TPMP to decline sponsorship from drug companies. “You can try to stick to your ideals as much as you can”.

As I say in this interview, I believe that if we want a world where knowledgeable professionals make quality content that enhance our clinical skills, we should be willing to pay for that content.

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