Physiotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction physiotherapy

Bill Taylor is a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist treating male pelvic pain, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

In this video he explains the role of pelvic physiotherapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

We discuss

  • medical causes of erectile dysfunction
  • how physical and psychological factors are involved
  • pelvic floor muscle function and sexual health in men
  • the effect of excessive use of pornography on men’s sexual health
  • the importance for the clinician of having a support network or supervisor in order to maintain their own mental health and wellbeing while treating challenging cases. See also our blog post on coaching and clinicians

Bill mentions the following physiotherapists who have contributed to physiotherapists’ understanding and treatment of erectile dysfunction:

Grace Dorey, whose book is available at

Joanne Milios

Bill owns Taylor Physiotherapy Clinic, where he works with a team of pelvic health specialists, psychologists and sex therapists. He takes referrals from consultants in urology and gastroenterology. He was the first UK therapist to treat male pelvic pain and dysfunction, and his clinic is renowned as a centre of excellence for the treatment of pelvic pain in the UK.

You can arrange a consultation with Bill here, but please note there may be a waiting time before an appointment becomes available.

Our clinicians that are specialised in men’s health and pelvic physiotherapy.

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