An interview with IsosConnect founder Kim Page

Evie from PhysiosOnline speaks with Kim Page, founder of IsosConnect.

Kim’s own difficult experience caring for a family member with chronic illness was her inspiration to found her business She was frustrated by the poor communication between patients and health professionals, as well as among clinicians themselves. Hoping to improve care for patients using digital tools, she founded isoshealth and isosconnect.


Information from IsosConnect about their platform:

A digital health gap exists between allied health professionals and their clients. Our digital solution isosconnect can facilitate bridging the gap and solve the problem of access, and security for Physiotherapists, Psychologists, CBT Therapists, counsellors, and Dietitians.

We at isosconnect have a great passion to help qualified practitioners be best equipped to support their clients and wider community get better, stay well, and get fit for longer. With isosconnect, practitioners can provide therapy, build client relationships, and save time with appointment booking and secure online therapy together, in one place.

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