PhysioTwitter, learning on social media and physiotherapy ethics

Sports Physio Luke Murray

Evie and Luke from PhysiosOnline talk about social media, learning on twitter, and unhelpful pain narratives amount other topics.

  • The benefits of twitter and how physios can use it as a learning tool
  • Examples of helpful, constructive twitter interactions and how it might change people’s minds
  • Our responsibility as healthcare professionals to disseminate accurate health information-
  • The Netflix series The Unwell,  “it’s very amusing, it’s terrifying and then it’s sad”.
  • Luke’s own experience of back pain and how the narrative around it may have harmed him, or not!
  • Another of Luke’s unfortunate injury experiences, where he had a physio attempt to do “deep tissue release” on a … stress fracture!
  • The problem with high-profile sportspeople publicising and promoting dubious treatments for pain and injury
  • Ethics in private physiotherapy practice

Luke Murray has an MSc in Physiotherapy. Works in the NHS, Arsenal Football Academy and London Irish Rugby Academy. He’s a previous strength & conditioning coach with New Zealand Rowing and Chiefs Super Rugby.

You can learn more about Luke or book an appointment with him at his website

You can book an appointment with Luke at

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