Knee Bracing to help maintain activity levels, strength and function

Knee Bracing

Guest blogpost by Clare Pettigrew

As physios we all know that exercise is universally recommended for everyone with knee OA. But in our rush to avoid what can be seen as “passive” interventions, we often overlook bracing as a useful tool in our kit when considering how to keep our patients with OA moving.

Would this be the case if braces / supports were instead called “movement sustainers” or “activity enablers”?

Like every prescription, a brace will work best when it is the right brace for the right patient at the right time – and like any of our other treatments, we can use our subjective and objective assessments to evaluate whether it is helping to meet our patient’s goals. It wont be for everyone.

As the waiting times for joint replacement get longer and with a winter of lockdown-restricted activity ahead of us when we can see our patients less than we might like, perhaps we need to consider modern bracing as possible facilitator to keeping our patients moving and getting stronger?

Clare’s clinic, Physio Ecosse is the Scottish fitting centre for DonJoy knee braces (other braces are of course available!) and Clare has more years of fitting braces that she might care to admit, so she has a good idea of what brace will and won’t work, for who and when. So if anyone is thinking they have a patient who might benefit from bracing, but isn’t sure where to start, contact Clare at

You can book an appointment with Clare at

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