Thriving as a paediatric physiotherapy clinic despite the covid crisis

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Evie and Lynda from talk about how Lynda and her amazing team at Physio4Kids and Young Adults have not only survived, but actually thrived despite the covid crisis. 

At the start of lockdown, Lynda and her team faced great uncertainty, and they quickly adapted to virtual care. The transition to video consultations was extremely important and beneficial both for her patients and colleagues, and has positively changed how they work as a team. 

Both the physio team and their patients have embraced video consults as an excellent alternative to face to face care, particularly in risk groups- “We have people ringing us up and going “are you the people who do the online paediatrics?” “. 

Lynda and her team have been so successful in managing their patients over the previous months that they are now recruiting new physiotherapists to join the team. It was wonderful to catch up with Lynda again and hear how well she and her clinic associates have been doing. When I first spoke to her at the beginning of the summer, she and her team were not quite used to video consultations and were only starting to get used to the idea. 

Their success shows what happens when dedicated, excellent and resilient physiotherapists are determined to keep helping their patients. Well done to Physio4Kids and Young Adults! 

You can book a video consultation with paediatric neurological specialist physio Lynda Pedley here

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