The San Diego Pain Summit

Rajam Roose is the founder of the San Diego Pain Summit, a yearly conference featuring some of the world’s leading expert clinicians and researchers in the field of pain science and the biopsychosocial model of therapy practice.

  • Became a massage therapist so she could buy a sailboat
  • Became fascinated in pain science because she suspected that her clients’ pain relief was not due to her changing their muscle tissue by massage
  • Decided to set up a conference on pain science and the biopsychosocial model, recruited Lorimer Moseley who thought her idea was fabo
  • Set up and ran the whole thing herself. Website, marketing, recruiting speakers, the whole darn thing.
  • Got burnt out and stopped practicing as a massage therapist.
  • Meanwhile she was also running a consulting business for other therapists helping them with their online presence and marketing.
  • Now runs the San Diego Pain Summit Every year.

There are just not that many biker and sailboat-lovin/ massage therapist/ conference organizer/  online marketing consultant/ website developer & designer/ international pain summit founder/  virtual clinical education pioneers in the world. I think Rajam might be a bit of an outlier.

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