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Jemma Oliver

Evie Martin from speaks with Jemma Oliver.

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Jemma is a physiotherapist who founded an online support group for physios and other therapists during the Covid crisis. The group was originally intended to be a place for Jemma and her friends to share their worries and advice, but it quickly grew to become an important resource for thousands of clinicians all over the country.

With the support of her admin team, Jemma has helped many of us through the initial personal and business anxiety of lockdown, and later helped us find a way to navigate reopening of our clinics.

Topics we touch on in this discussion include:

  • 02.05: Getting the physio & therapist support group team of moderators together: Basically Jemma picked some great physios she knew and said “right, you’re all helping me”! Her group’s admin team includes Lucy Mc Donald, Nikki Mac, Paula Clayton, Charlie McCall, Scott Gormley, Jaclyn Coleman, Malcolm Sloan, Mike James and Jack Chew.
  • 07.20: The importance of simply being kind and nice to each other, and how this has been the cornerstone of the group’s success.
  • 09.20 – 13.00 The challenge of properly valuing ourselves as a profession, and Jemma’s sense of discomfort with beginning to charge for her time as a mentor/support for other clinicians. She discusses how Jack Chew, Mike James and other members of the group admin team encouraged her to overcome her initial reluctance and discomfort by telling her “you need to do this!”. Jemma has also been working with Andy Hosgood of Elevate who is guiding her into her new business venture, and who she credits with helping her find the confidence to move forward with it.
  • 12.00 The good fortune of finding and doing work that you’re good at, and that aligns with your own values. “There’s some kind of magic in that”.
  • 14.30 Jemma’s new website where she provides mentoring and support services to clinicians
  • 17.35 Being on “team remote physio” (Evie is obviously delighted!)
  • 18.30 How the covid crisis has changed her in surprising ways, both professionally and personally.

Jemma’s kindness shines through in her work. The group which she founded has been a much-needed source of help and support for thousands of clinicians all over the UK through some of our most difficult times. Wishing Jemma every success with her new business as she continues helping clinicians and patients alike.

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