Managing arthritis – with Jack March, rheumatology physio

Arthritis Physiotherapy

Jack March and Evie from discuss the topic of arthritis. We talk about some of the questions patients often have about this condition including:

  • Will I need surgery if I have arthritis
  • How is being overweight related to arthritis
  • What’s the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

We also discuss other topics such as arthritis and bowel disease, how and whether various diets and supplements work, reasons why obesity may contribute to joint pain, and how anti-inflammatory medications do (and don’t) work.

Jack is a physiotherapist who specialises in rheumatology, which means he has a special interest in arthritis. He teaches other physiotherapists all over the world via online content and courses, and has written several books to help clinicians better diagnose and manage arthritis at

As an advanced practitioner in rheumatology, Jack often sees patients for “second opinion” and specialist help with rehabilitation programmes. If you would like to consult with Jack about  your arthritis, you can book an appointment with him here

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