Developmental Building Blocks – with paediatric physio Lorna Saunders

Developmental physiotherapy

Paediatric and neurological physio Lorna from talks about developmental building blocks.

The most important point that Lorna wants to get across in relation to children’s development is: 

"It's about HOW they do it, not WHEN they do it"

We discuss

  • “tummy time” and the different ways to do it
  • the importance of moving between positions, rather than being “placed” for example in sitting -bottom-shuffling and crawling
  • the possible downsides of modern baby “equipment”
  • how she has found video consultations can empower parents, possibly even more so than in-clinic appointments with babies

Lorna talks about how she has been helping a baby girl to optimise her physical function following a neonatal stroke, and the advantages of video consultations in this situation.

If you wish to book a video consultation with Lorna, go to

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