Cognitive Functional Therapy and other topics

Kjartan Vibe Fersum is a physiotherapist and researcher, and an associate professor at the University of Bergen.

He is known for his research on Cognitive Functional Therapy for chronic pain.

Kjartan was the first person Evie contacted to join the PhysiosOnline project.

Evie and Kjartan, together with pelvic health specialist Gry Øystese Stormoen and a few other specialist physiotherapists founded the Norwegian “PhysiosOnline” network, which Evie later expanded to Ireland and the UK.

In this video, Evie and Kjartan discuss many topics including:

  • their views on the potential of physiotherapy via video consultation
  • the value of using different treatment approaches for different people
  • the positives and negatives of social media
  • the concept of supported self-management for people with chronic pain conditions

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