Parkinson’s Disease and the PD Warrior Program

Evie and Karen discussing Karen’s work running PD Warrior Programs. Karen Hodgson in a neurological specialist physiotherapist and owner of Hallamshire Physiotherapy in Sheffield.

She has been delivering the PD (Parkinson’s Disease) Warrior Program in groups and adapted quickly to lockdown to continue offering the service to patients via video. PD Warrior is a progressive course of tough exercise delivered by a specialist neuro physio, to help people with Parkinson’s Disease optimise their health, fitness and function.

Karen was the very first physiotherapist I asked to join the UK PhysiosOnline project, and we are very proud to have her with us. In addition to running her clinic, Karen is also a university lecturer and a PD Warrior trainer instructor, meaning she can train other clinicians in how to deliver the PD Warrior Programme. Karen’s dedication to her patients comes through so clearly in this video, and it was a real joy to speak with her.

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