Tips to enhance your video consults

Tobar is a final-year physiotherapy student is also a qualified personal trainer who has been seeing clients via video during lockdown, just prior to graduating with his degree in physiotherapy.

Tobar is really interested in virtual care and sees its brilliant potential to help patients, not only during lockdown but way beyond. He has come up with some excellent ideas for improving video consults, including relatively simple and inexpensive ways to use several cameras so that your patient/client can see you demonstrating exercises from multiple angles.

This video is full of great tips and advice, worth watching more than once đŸ™‚

As if working as a personal trainer remotely while levelling-up on your video consult skills, while simultaneously completing your final year of a physiotherapy degree wasn’t enough, Tobar has been working on an app to help physios provide an all-encompassing virtual service to their patients. Cannot wait to see it! As of 11th July 2020 it’s expected to be available within the next 3 weeks or so and will be called AwesomeTraining.

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