A Physiotherapists view to a Brain injury diagnosis

Describing a brain injury is like explaining every country in a map of the world. To start we are all born with different personalities and have multiple characteristics that make us who we are. Then when you think every part of the brain has a different function. There may be multiple parts of the brain affected.

These can be seen in physical ability, memory, impulse control, decision making and emotional function.  Humans are unique which can make every person’s presentation different.

Goals are set to have a realistic positive outcome by clients and their families. Physiotherapy provides assessment of function and physical need. A tailored program to help clients work towards their goals can include manual therapy, exercises, equipment use, and adapted sports.

Physiotherapists work closely with other medical professionals to give a full package of care. Physiotherapy for a brain injury can be seen in two parts, Rehabilitation and Habilitation.

  • Rehabilitation is relearning functions that may have been lost
  • Habilitation is learning new functions.

In respect of Children and young adults there is no solid ceiling to progress, we encourage each individual to achieve their potential.

Physiotherapy treatment for brain injury clients has varied approaches, just like travelling the world. Every person has a different route, it is our job to help you find your way.

Written by: Amy Fillingham
Paediatric Neurological Physiotherapist
Physio4Kids and Young Adults

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