Physiotherapy at home

Specialist physiotherapists from all over the UK, providing outstanding care to patients via video consultation

Our collective includes only specialised, highly experienced physios working in different clinical areas, who offer the highest standard of online care.

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Treatment for

 Rehabilitation after surgery | Arthritis | Back pain | Shoulder injuries | Dizziness | Knee injuries | Neck Pain | Osteoarthritis | Headache and migraine | Muscle pain | Repetitive strain | Tendinitis | Overweight and obesity | Incontinence | Stroke | Parkinson’s Disease | Multiple Sclerosis | Paediatric conditions |  Elderly care | Heart Disease | Respiratory conditions | Cancer rehabilitation | Vestibular Rehabilitation | Lymphoedema | Post-Concussion Syndrome | Sports injuries

The Video Consultation

  • Use your phone, tablet, or computer for your online appointment.
  • You tell your physio about your condition, symptoms and your goals.
  • Your physiotherapist diagnoses the problem and identifies the right treatment strategy. You will be given accurate information, taught how to perform self-treatment techniques, and given an individual exercise programme. Your physio will help and support you all the way through your recovery.

Our physiotherapists

We are a group of highly qualified and experienced clinicians.  Our goal is to provide the best quality of healthcare to patients across the UK, no matter where they live and whatever situation they find themselves in.

Our group are chartered physiotherapists who work in different clinical specialist areas including neurology, women’s health, incontinence in women and men, chronic pain management, sports physiotherapy, care of elite athletes, geriatrics, cancer care, lymphoedema, orthopaedics, paediatrics and cardiac care.

This is who we are

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Contact your preferred physiotherapist directly here


Fees will vary depending on your condition and the complexity of your physiotherapy needs.

Safe effective exercises, rehabilitation and self-treatment in your own home

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Contact your preferred physiotherapist directly here

Your appointment

We will send you a link to your video appointment by text or email

Open the link on your phone, tablet or PC

You don’t have to do anything else


Payment with credit card is made either before the video call starts or with an invoice afterwards. Fees will vary depending on your condition and the complexity of your physiotherapy needs.


How to book an appointment

Appointments can be booked directly with your preferred physiotherapist.

We all have different specialist clinical interests and work in different locations all around the UK, so you are free book your video consultation with whichever physio best suits your needs.

Covered by most health insurers. Fees will vary depending on your condition and the complexity of your physiotherapy needs.


Personal exercise program

Your physiotherapist will prepare an individual program that is adapted to you, your needs and your surroundings.

The program will consist of self-treatment techniques that you are trained to perform in addition to specific exercises which will be demonstrated and performed during the consultation.

You will receive written descriptions of how you should follow your program and how to perform your exercises.


Do I need any exercise equipment?

NO. Our training program will be created with you, so you can use whatever you have available. You don’t have to buy any equipment.

How it works

What do I need

You need a smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC with a camera. We also recommend headphones for better sound. You don’t need to download any app or software. All you have to do is open the link you get by text message or email and log in.

Where can I be

It is best to think through your surroundings and setup before the consultation begins.  Use a space at home where you can have a private conversation with your physio. Put the camera in a stable stable, suitable position so that the physiotherapist can easily see you. It’s best with quiet surroundings, and if possible use headphones for better sound quality.


For an appointment:

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