Physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy at home

Specialist physiotherapists by video consultation

We help you to help yourself

Specialised care by video consult

We are a group of specialist physios from all over the UK helping people with different conditions via video consults.

We work in different clinical specialist areas including musculoskeletal, neurology, pelvic health, paediatrics, geriatrics and oncology. 

This means we have specialists for a wide variety of conditions including muscle and joint pain and injury, back and neck pain, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, incontinence, cancer care and sports injuries.

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You use your phone, tablet, or computer for your video consultation

You talk to your physio about your condition, symptoms and your goals

Your physiotherapist diagnoses the problem and identifies the right treatment strategy

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We help you help yourself

How to book an appointment

Appointments can be booked directly with your preferred physiotherapist by clicking on their name.

We all have different specialist clinical interests. Book your video consultation with whichever physio best suits your needs. 

You can find a physio specialist for your particular condition.


Each physio sets their own fees. Video consults are covered by most health insurers. 

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We help you help yourself

Personal treatment program

Your physiotherapist will prepare an individual program that is adapted to you, your needs and your surroundings.

Your treatment program will consist of self-treatment techniques and strategies along with specific exercises, movements and activities.

You will receive descriptions of how you should follow your program and how to perform your exercises.

Do I need any exercise equipment?

NO. Your programme will be created with you, so you can use whatever you have available. You don’t have to buy any equipment.

We help you help yourself

How it works

What do I need

You need a smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC with a camera. We also recommend headphones for better sound. 

Where can I be

It is best to think through your surroundings and setup before the consultation begins. Use a space at home where you can have a private conversation with your physio. 

Place your device in a stable, suitable position so that your physio can easily see you. 

Your surroundings should be quiet, and if possible use headphones for better sound quality.

Physiotherapy video consultation at home